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Driver Simulators

Driver Controlled Simulation

From racing driver training to vehicle development, Moog can supply proven technology expertise combined with world class actuation and software to deliver long-lasting solutions to meet your vehicle simulation challenges.  

Wherever development engineers are pushing the limits of design and driver training, Moog Driving simulations are a must. 

Motion Bases to Keep Drivers at Peak Performance and Enable Vehicle Development

Delivering up to 7 degrees of freedom, Moog motion bases enable drivers to feel and respond to every movement.  Data retrieved will give an unparalleled replication of driving conditions by providing race-ready data, having the ability to mimic the set-up of any car at any location.   In addition they offer vehicle developers the chance to refine models in a confidential and controlled environment.  

Finally with testing and vehicle development undertaken with the simulator there is reduced wear and tear on existing prototypes, lessening the effect on the environment.